Professional Dual-ended Eyeliner Stamp
Professional Dual-ended Eyeliner Stamp
Professional Dual-ended Eyeliner Stamp
Professional Dual-ended Eyeliner Stamp

Professional Dual-ended Eyeliner Stamp

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Free form wings take time, and if your left wing doesn't match your right wing, then you have to start over, not good when you're already late!

We’ve solved this problem for you with a gorgeous wing that will be just the same on each side every time. With a little practice you can wing it with confidence and finish off the latest shadow trend you’ve been itching to try!

With our eyeliner stamp kit, getting the perfect eyeliner wings will be the fastest part of your makeup routine! Get matching, water-resistant and smudge-proof wings every time, in no time!

MAKE PERFECT WINGS IN SECONDS –  the curve in each stamp matches the corner of your eye perfectly and helps you to have perfect, glamorous eyeliner wings.

SAVE PRECIOUS TIME EVERY MORNING – in just a few seconds you will create natural cat eye flicks even if you are a beginner! Customers say that the quick flick eyeliner cuts their morning makeup routine down by an amazing 20 minutes!

WATERPROOF AND SMUDGE PROOF - the ingredients included in our winged eyeliner stamp are Candelilla wax and Carnauba wax. They ensure the liquid dries quickly and holds on strong. A perfect eyeliner finish has never been easier

SAFETY AND NO IRRITATION – a super smooth liquid eyeliner pen; the liquid is within the pen. No brush and pot will be needed, it is a high-quality, FDA approved liquid, very smooth and convenient to use.
How to use:
  1. Stamp the corner of your eye, by lightly placing the stamp on the outer corner of your eye, to make a wing. You will get the small tail for your eye line. It’s very convenient for those, who do not know, how to draw the eye line’s tail. 
  2. Place the tip of your liner pen near the center of your upper lash line, then gently draw a line, that connects to the end of your original wing. 
  3. Carefully fill in the gap between each line with the eyeliner pen.
  4. Retrace the line until, the desired thickness is achieved and you’re finished!

Vegan friendly.

Paraben and gluten free.